Total Comfort Set | Original--Special Spring Sale

Total Comfort Set | Original--Special Spring Sale

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  • Original Still Standing® Large Spray (3.4 oz100 ml) for the First Application. 
  • Original Still Standing® Leakproof Mini Spray (15 ml) in a purse size bottle for the easiest touch-ups. 

The ONLY natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, stain-free product that contains a mix of menthol and the most potent natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers that work to stop that “stiletto suffering” BEFORE it starts.

Did you know that the feet of a 100 pound woman in stilettos experience 20 times the pressure of a 6000 lb. elephant.  (American Physical What causes this is the force of gravity acting upon the woman's total body weight which is concentrated on 2 tiny parts of each foot.  The minuscule stiletto heel bottom ups the pressure for the woman exponentially while the elephant's large flat feet evenly distribute its weight.  This pressure is what causes feet to swell and become hot and painful. Still Standing® stops the swelling and pain before it starts!

The Patent-Pending Formula comes in a cool, clear, non-greasy gel spray that combines Menthol with Mother Nature's most effective  natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers.  These work together to prevent the swelling and foot pain but do not dangerously numb feet which can cause falls that frequently end in the ER. with broken noses, skulls, teeth, wrists and more.

Instructions: Using the Large Spray BEFORE you put on your shoes, generously spray the top, sides and soles of feet. The effect lasts up to 6 hours depending upon the person.  Then put the Mini  Spray in your purse or pocke and touch up as needed,. Since Still Standing® works on bare skin or through thin socks, stockings or tights, the touch-up is easy. (Just don't use on broken or irritated skin.) Both sprays are TSA approved for carry-on luggage while the Mini fits easily into the smallest purse.

Works with any kind of shoe and even great as an energizing pick-me-up!