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"Still Standing Spray has withstood the test of time, literally. We can now reach into the depths of our closets for those pairs of stilettos that were banished when they made our feet numb, sweaty and blistered after standing in them for longer than an hour...This item was featured on a blog’s email that appeared in my inbox a few weeks ago and after reading reviews and dissecting the product’s website, this is definitely a Best Kept Review worth trying."

Best Kept Review

"You need relief, stat. (And no, we’re not referring to commuting sneakers.) We’re talking about still standing foot spray..This purse-sized bottle gives your feet the same feeling you had back at 8 a.m.--you know, before they were a sweaty, swollen mess. The things we do in the name of fashion."

Pure Wow

"I wish Still Standing existed when I was in high school! Back in my teenage years and through my early 20s I had no consideration for comfort. Blisters? Who cares! I didn’t even care if my shoes were the right size as long as they looked good. Needless to say my feet back then were heinous looking. Today you couldn’t pay me to wear an uncomfortable shoe twice; luckily Sergio Rossi, Brian Atwood and countless other brands make shoes that, even when very high, leave my feet blister-free. I always find it best to think ahead and prepare for the worse however and that’s where Still Standing comes in. It’s not a numbing spray, but rather a soothing one made with arnica and aloe to basically help relax your feet before any pain begins. It dries quick (less than a minute), doesn’t stain so you can apply even over stockings if you want to “touch up,” and it doesn’t smell. Like I said I don’t wear shoes that leave me with blisters, but I do wear high heels that can wear on your feet and this is a great pick me – in fact arnica has long been my go-to for sore muscles…I just wish there was a spray version of this to spray on your entire leg because more often than not my calves are just as sore as my feet from wearing heels!"

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