Lyn Butler has always loved beautiful sky-high heels but hated the discomfort and pain they caused. After trying every insole, gel pad, flower insert and product on the market, she came to the conclusion that when it came to fabulous footwear, “Stiletto Suffering” was a fact of life. 

Personally and professionally, through a career that included roles as Assistant Buyer in Cosmetics, Special Investigative Researcher and finally a National Television Producer and Writer, she suffered for her beautiful shoes, always keeping a comfortable pair handy in her bag.

As time went on and the high heels hurt even more, she started searching for a solution-- something safe and natural. Definitely not a drug like lidocaine which numbed feet—in her opinion a high heel disaster waiting to happen!

Flash forward. A wedding—her footwear—stilettos of course. Pre-dinner drinks on a slate patio proved so painful that when she sat down for dinner, she quietly shed her shoes under the table. Later when she tried to put them back on, she couldn’t. Her feet were too hot and swollen.

Going home, in her bare feet carrying her stilettos, she had her AHA moment. The pain was caused by the swelling—the trick was to PREVENT THE SWELLING.

She started studying plant and herb essences and began working with some genius cosmetic chemists. And after testing with friends and family who swore to be truthful, there was a winner. Still Standing® spray was born.

Within months, her brilliant idea became a runaway success. Almost immediately, Lyn was flooded with thousands of emails from grateful customers - both female and male. Still Standing® has also developed a loyal following among fashion world insiders, editors, models, stylists and celebrities. 

Now Lyn is focused on expanding Still Standing® globally and she continues research and development on other unsolved beauty problems affecting men and women everywhere.