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Unisex Still Standing® Mini Spray

Unisex Still Standing® Mini Spray

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 1 Unisex Still Standing®  Mini Spray (15 ml)

Introducing the Unisex Still Standing® Spray. Experience the invigorating sensation of menthol combined with natural, organic anti-inflammatories, providing a cooling comfort like never before.

Our revolutionary patent-pending Still Standing® Original Formula features Eco-Distilled™ Certified Organic Arnica, Aloe & Ilex - a trio of natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers that effectively prevent swelling and foot pain without causing any harmful numbness.

Usage Instructions: Prior to wearing your shoes, generously spray the Large Spray on the top, sides, and soles of your feet. Enjoy the comforting effects lasting for up to 6 hours, varying depending on the individual. For convenient touch-ups, keep the leak-proof Mini Spray in your pocket. The best part is that it works wonders on bare skin, as well as through thin socks, stockings, or tights. Just remember not to apply it to broken or irritated skin for the best results.

TSA approved for carry-on!

Original Still Standing® Mini Spray

Original Still Standing® Mini Spray

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1 Original Still Standing® Mini Spray (15 ml each)

*As seen at the 2023 Academy Awards*

Original Still Standing® Spray has cooling menthol and natural anti-inflammatories so your feet feel like they do when you first put on your shoes. Recommended by stylists and high heel enthusiasts. 

This Mini Still Standing® Foot Spray can be used for the First Application and for any touchups as it fits comfortably in purse.  Each Mini contains  180 -- 190 individual sprays.

The ONLY natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, high percentage certified organic product that stops that “stiletto suffering” BEFORE it starts. The Patent-Pending Formula contains Eco-Distilled™  Organic Arnica, Aloe & Ilex—natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers—that prevent swelling & pain but don't dangerously numb feet. 

Instructions: Apply this clear, stain-free gel spray generously to top, sides and soles of feet BEFORE you put on your shoes. It works on bare skin or through stockings or tights (but NOT on broken or irritated skin please!). The comfort effect lasts up to 6 hours depending upon the person. Touch up as needed.

It's even TSA approved for carry-on!

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Experience the perfect harmony of cooling menthol and natural anti-inflammatories, specially crafted to feeling fabulous. Bid farewell to unwanted swelling and hello to long lasting comfort. Slip into your favorite heels or kicks, knowing that Still Standing Foot Spray has your back. Embrace the joy of every step and unlock a world of foot care luxury today!


Word on the street

Still Standing is why I’m still standing!

Viola Davis, SAG Red Carpet Live, E!

It was the only way I convinced her to wear 5 inch heels!

Celeb Stylist Derek Warburton on actress Bellamy Young


Selena Gomez, InStyle 

Breakthrough Product

Rachael, Rachael Ray Show

“Endure a long day on foot by spritzing your feet with this soothing spray before slipping on your stilettos. Trust us, it’s a lifesaver.”

The Zoe Report

Red Carpet Secret Problem Solver

O Magazine
Our Foot Spray Fits in a purse or pocket
For Special events

Whether you're getting ready for a big event, a night out, or just your everyday routine, our mini sprays are perfect for any occasion. They easily fit into any purse or pocket, so you can keep your feet feeling fresh all day long, just like when you first put on your shoes. Still Standing Unisex Foot Spray is a must-have for brides, grooms, and everyone in the party. It's also a great addition to any goody bag.

Our foot sprays are made with a natural, patent-pending formula that combines cooling menthol with certified organic Arnica, Aloe, and Ilex. These amazing ingredients have been used for ages to reduce swelling and relieve pain. To use it, simply spray generously on the top, sides, and bottom of your feet before putting on your shoes. It's an easy and effective way to keep your feet feeling their best, no matter what the occasion