Word on the street


This stuff really works! Can't believe it! I go out and dance the night away in 6in heels and I have no burning pain the next day or the night of. Life saver! 

Melissa F.

I was able to wear my Manolo heels again. Before Still Standing I could barely keep them on for an hour. Then I would have to put band-aids on my toes and the back of heel. This soothing product protected my feet. And I love the little purse size spray!

Tia W.

I have the most sensitive feet and wear heels pretty often, so when I heard about Still Standing Spray I knew I had to try it. It actually made me feel invincible knowing that I had the spray on. Being able to wear my highest heels pain-free is truly priceless.

Carla O.

Endure a long day on foot by spritzing your feet with this soothing spray before slipping on your stilettos. Trust us, it’s a lifesaver.

The Zoe Report

It was the only way I convinced her to wear 5 inch heels!

Celeb stylist Derek Warburton on actress Bellamy Young

I can’t believe this hasn’t been thought of before, it’s genius! I love heels but HATE the pain and Still Standing makes all the difference.

Danielle A.

Spray the top, side, and bottom of each foot before slipping into your heels…you’re not only looking amazing while walking around in your fav stiletto’s you’re also feeling pretty darn amazing as well.

Tyneisha E.

Our Stiletto Solution is here! Every bride, mother of the occasion, bridesmaid, and wedding planner needs this! Wonder how we wear heels for 10 hours a day at Solutions Bridal? This is how!

Stephanie N.

I first saw this product on a magazine, I was skeptical to purchase. I thought there was no way a "spray" would help my feet feel better when wearing heels. I went ahead and took a chance and purchased. The first time I used this product I went to a wedding, when wearing heels my feet will swell up and my husband would have to make his routine trip back to the car to get me flip flops BUT this fun sprayed night I did not complain ONCE to my husband about my feet. This spray is amazing, it's a light spray does not smell or leave a film or sticky feeling...I absolutely loved this product! I would recommend to any lady that loves to wear heels but hates the feeling of her feet at the end of the night.

Michelle S.