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Still Standing® spray is an anti-inflammatory foot spray. Unlike most foot care products, our spray’s stop the pain before it starts. 

Our foot sprays are made with a natural, patent-pending formula that combines cooling menthol with certified organic Arnica, Aloe, and Ilex. These amazing ingredients have been used for ages to reduce swelling and relieve pain. To use it, simply spray generously on the top, sides, and bottom of your feet before putting on your shoes. It's an easy and effective way to keep your feet feeling their best, no matter what the occasion

For Still Standing®  spray, simply spray generously on the top, sides, and bottom of your feet before putting on your shoes. It works on bare skin or through stockings or tights.  If you use it after your feet are hot and hurting, it won’t be that helpful. 

For Game On Xtreme®, make sure to press down hard on the spray top to break the anti-leak seal. It will not spray until the seal is broken. You will hear and feel a crack from where you push down. *MAKE SURE TO AIM THE SPRAY AWAY FROM YOUR FACE BEFORE BREAKING SEAL. 

*To avoid harm, NEVER spray Still Standing® products on an open blister or irritated skin.

Up to 6 hours. You can re-apply at any time for extended comfort. *Results may vary.

When you spend anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes on your feet, you may begin to feel discomfort. This discomfort occurs because, even when you're simply standing, your feet bear an immense amount of pressure. On average, the force of gravity concentrates around 500 lbs. of pressure on just two small parts of each foot due to the weight of your entire body.

Swelling in your feet acts as a non-verbal signal, communicating that it's time to take off your shoes and give your feet a break. Elevating your feet and allowing them to rest can help alleviate the discomfort and provide relief. This is where Still Standing Spray comes to the rescue. We prevent the swelling and stop the pain before it starts.

NO!  Numb feet, especially in high heels or on an active job, can be very dangerous. Numbing can lead to accidental bodily harm. We design our products to solve problems, not create new ones.

Sadly, NOTHING works for everyone. We are very proud to say that Still Standing® spray has an increasing efficacy rate of 94%. (*Based on customer research)

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. If you experience any issues with your Still Standing® order, please email us info@StillStandingSpray.com or give us a call at 1-888-602-7200. Please make sure to include your order information and an email address to contact you back. You will be contacted back using the email you have provided. 

*Still Standing® is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We offer package insurance at checkout for an additional price. Please contact your local carrier if you experience this issue.

Yes. Still Standing® Spray was formulated to work with any type of shoe.

Everywhere doing everything! At work, dancing, running, working out, at weddings, at amusement parks, on hikes, sightseeing, shopping, playing sports, walking the dog, chasing bad guys, working construction, putting out fires, and even long drives. You get the idea!

 There are lots of painful things in life that we can’t prevent. Luckily, Your feet don't have to be one of them!

Unflortuenty, we do not offer international shipping. We hope to expand our market in the near future.

We currently only offer our products online. You can purchase Still Standing® atStillstandingspray.com , Amazon and Walmart.com

Yes! If you are interested in selling or distributing Still Standing® products, please email Info@stillstandingspray.com or use our contact page on Stillstandingspray.com