Still Standing® Original Foot Spray <br> On-the-Go Set

Still Standing® Original Foot Spray
On-the-Go Set

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2 Original Still Standing® Leakproof Mini Sprays (15 ml each)

Original Still Standing® Spray has cooling menthol and natural anti-inflammatories so your feet feel like they do when you first put on your shoes. Recommended by stylists and high heel enthusiasts. 

This Still Standing® Foot Spray set is the BEST Product for First Application to get the Deepest, Most Effective & Easiest Application for the Longest Lasting Comfort Effect and Foot Pain Relief.  

The ONLY natural, drug-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, high percentage certified organic product that stops that “stiletto suffering” BEFORE it starts. The Patent-Pending Formula contains Eco-Distilled™  Organic Arnica, Aloe & Ilex—natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers—that prevent swelling & pain but don't numb feet. 

Instructions: Apply this clear, stain-free gel spray generously to top, sides and soles of feet BEFORE you put on your shoes. It works on bare skin or through stockings or tights (but NOT on broken or irritated skin please!). The comfort effect lasts up to 6 hours depending upon the person. Touch up as needed.

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