Unisex Total Comfort

Unisex Secret Comfort Set

Unisex Secret Comfort Set

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1 Unisex Large Spray--100 ml

1 Secret Card Sprayer --18 ml 

Get ready to experience a new level of cool comfort with the Still Standing®  Unisex Secret Comfort Set. It's the best of both worlds--a Large Spray to use  first before you put on your shoes, to get the most effective application.  And for touchups,  you'll love  the Still Standing® Unisex Secret  Card Sprayer - the latest must-have for anyone on their feet.  So small and discreet, it fits easily in a pocket with no telltale bulges!    Smaller than your phone--about the size of a credit card-- this convenient Secret Sprayer actually delivers 220 generous sprays. Both are TSA approved for carry-on.

Prevent foot discomfort with our revolutionary, patent-pending  formula which combines menthol with a unique blend of three  of Mother Nature's most potent anti-inflammatories.--Arnica, Aloe and Ilex.  Best of all, our Unisex Spray does not dangerously numb the feet.  (Numb feet can cause falls that end in the ER with broken noses, teeth, skulls, wrists and more.) 

 Directions: Use the Large Spray first to generously spray each foot's  top, sides, and sole before putting on your shoes. The soothing effects up to 6 hours, depending on the individual. For on-the-go touch-ups, the pocket-sized Secret Sprayer couldn't be more convenient. It works on bare skin or through stockings, tights or thin socks.

 Whether you're in stilettos or sneakers, at  work or a special event, sight-seeing or on a family vacation (Disney World anyone?) the Unisex spray keeps feet cool and comfortable. Get ready to experience a new level of comfort and refreshment with Still Standing®!