Still Standing® <br> Comfort Foot Spray <br> Total Comfort Set | Unisex

Still Standing®
Comfort Foot Spray
Total Comfort Set | Unisex

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This set contains:

  • Unisex Still Standing® Large Spray (3.4 oz – 100 ml) in an ecologically-safe bottle for that First ‘all-around-your-foot’ Application for longest and best results.  
  • Unisex Still Standing® Leakproof Mini Spray (15 ml) in a pocket size bottle for the easiest touch-ups.

You asked for it! A special shout-out to those Wall Street types who called us complaining about foot pain—they loved the product but hated the BIG BLUE STILETTO. So we’re introducing the Unisex Still Standing® Spray. It works for any thin-soled shoe, and even running sneakers. (LADIES--this includes those ballet flats!)

We tweaked our patent-pending Still Standing® Original Formula just a bit. It still contains Eco-Distilled™ Certified Organic Arnica, Aloe & Ilex—natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers—that prevent swelling and foot pain but do not numb feet. Some testers liked this Unisex version better than the original. It's still natural, drug-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, high percentage certified organic, clear, stainless gel spray. 

Instructions: Use the Large Spray BEFORE you put on your shoes—generously spray the top, sides and soles of feet. The comfort effect lasts up to 6 hours depending upon the person. Then put the leak-proof Mini Spray in your pocket. And since it works on bare skin or through thin socks or hose, the touch-up is easy. (Just don't use on broken or irritated skin.)

If you believe in equal opportunity comfort, save some feet from sadistic shoes—a great gift for someone else or yourself!

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