Still Standing Stiletto Comfort On-The-Go set

Still Standing®
Comfort Foot Spray
On-the-Go Set | Original

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2 Original Still Standing® Leakproof Mini Sprays (15 ml each)

(A $3 SAVING--if purchased separately $15 each ($30)!

The best all-natural foot pain relief spray for high heels and flats. Take one with you to touch-up as needed.  

Instructions: Spray this clear, stain-free gel GENEROUSLY on top, sides & soles of feet BEFORE putting on shoes. It works on bare skin or through stockings or tights. The comfort effect lasts up to 6 hours depending upon the person.

Still Standing® Foot Spray is the ONLY natural, drug-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, high percentage certified organic product that stops that “stiletto suffering” BEFORE it starts. The Patent-Pending Formula contains Eco-Distilled™ Certified Organic Arnica, Aloe & Ilex—natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers—that prevent swelling but do not numb feet.

A favorite for bridesmaids!

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