Celebrity Shoes in Hand!

 your stilettos?   how your feet feel after standing in them for a while?

You’re not alone. Check out Maggie Gyllenhaal, NBA great Amar'e Stoudemire's wife Alexis Welch, and Karolina Kurkova at a black tie event in NYC. They have their shoes in hand (or in her husband’s hand if you’re Welch), clearly from a case of Stiletto Suffering.

In general, it’s probably not a great idea to walk around New York in your bare feet. The good news is that no one –both celebrities and the fashionable but not yet famous– never have to suffer like this again.

Still Standing® to the rescue.  The very first product you use BEFORE you put on those heels to stop that “Stiletto Suffering” BEFORE it starts!  It’s a proprietary formula natural spray containing cooling menthol and organic arnica, aloe and ilex (nature’s powerful anti-inflammatory pain fighters). When used before stepping out, it works to prevent that hot, red, uncomfortable feeling. 

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