Still Standing® Total Comfort w/ Free Mini Spray

Love high heels but hate the “Stiletto Suffering” they cause?

Finally there’s a solution!

Still Standing® is the only product designed to be used BEFORE you slip on your shoes to prevent that hot, shoes-too-tight feeling!

Its Patent-Pending Formula is made from soothing Eco-Distilled™ Certified Organic Arnica and Aloe—nature’s anti-inflammatories. Menthol provides a cooling sensation while the Certified Organic Ilex (which has been used by Indians in the South American Rainforest for centuries) works to intensify the effect.

This effect typically lasts anywhere from two to four hours depending upon the person. The mini spray included is small enough to fit in almost any evening bag so you are always prepared for any touch-ups.  The spray is clear, stain-free, quick drying and even has a vanishing scent. It works on both bare skin and through stockings!

The Large is 3.4 fl oz.
(Now TSA approved)

The Free Mini included is 15 mL.